English (Writing & Reading)



It is our intent at Stobhillgate First School to provide children with a high-quality education in English to ensure that pupils can speak, read and write fluently so that they can effectively communicate their ideas and emotions to others.

At Stobhillgate First School, writing is an essential part of our curriculum. We provide our children with a wide range of writing opportunities, to develop their skills and apply their knowledge of writing across the curriculum.

We intend for pupils to be able to plan, construct and evaluate their writing effectively. Therefore, we intend to provide them with an awareness of audience and purpose, as well as an increasingly wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

We intend to design an innovative and engaging writing curriculum which engages children and develops their desire to write.


Our Writing curriculum and lessons will be highly effective by ensuring we implement writing in the follow ways:

  • Writing units are carefully planned to ensure that the appropriate writing skills are being taught at each year group and that the curriculum is progressive throughout the school.
  • Writing is taught through the use of a quality text, exposing children to high-level vocabulary, a range of language features and a range of punctuation, as well as promoting a love of reading, engagement, enthusiasm in lessons and high-quality writing from each child.
  • A range of text genres are taught throughout each year group, as well as a fiction and non-fiction unit every half term.
  • Writing lessons are taught following the Talk for Writing structure, employing the three stages of imitation, innovation and invention.
  • Each writing unit will be introduced using an engaging and creative learning hook.
  • Writing units are differentiated appropriately to ensure that the children are developing independence.
  • Children are encouraged to use their imagination and the skills they have been taught and apply this to their own independent writing.
  • Emphasis is placed on the importance of teacher modelling and shared writing.
  • Daily handwriting sessions are taught following the Letter-join cursive handwriting scheme.
  • Each year group are taught the explicit grammar, punctuation and spelling objectives required for that age group. This is done through discrete spelling lessons and SPaG starters.
  • Grammar objectives are taught in line with the National Curriculum and the Talk for Writing Grammar progression document.
  • Emphasis is placed on children taking pride in their writing.


Effective teaching of writing will allow for children at Stobhillgate to make at least good progress from their last point of statutory assessment. Children will be able to produce high-quality written work in English as well as across the curriculum. They will become more confident, independent writers with the understanding of a range of writing genres. Children at Stobhillgate will leave our school with a wider range of vocabulary and an increased level of comprehension.



The 2014 National Curriculum for English aims to ensure that all children:

  • read easily, fluently and with good understanding
  • develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information
  • acquire a wide vocabulary, an understanding of grammar and knowledge of linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language
  • appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage

At Stobhillgate we believe that Reading underpins all areas of the curriculum and enables children to access their learning with confidence and enthusiasm. Children need to have access to high quality, inspirational reading materials in order to become confident readers and to develop a keen interest in the written word which will stay with them throughout life. Through reading high quality texts children will enhance their vocabulary and use of standard English both written and orally. We seek to develop confident readers who have the curiosity to find out more about the world around them and the skills to research areas of personal interest.


Phonics will be taught from Reception using the Read Write Inc programme which provides a systematic approach to teaching Phonics.

Reciprocal Reading is taught once children have completed the Read Write Inc programme. High quality, engaging texts are used to continue to teach reading and comprehension skills linked to the national curriculum. Progression will be carefully planned.

Home/School readers will be used to support children and parents in taking reading into the home. For those children on the Read Write Inc programme they will have a “Book Bag Book” which matches their Read Write Inc level. They will also have an additional reading book closely matched to their phonic level. Once children have completed Read Write Inc they will have a reading book matched to their reading ability with an appropriate level of challenge. Children will also have access to an online reading resource to supplement home/school reading.

In addition to this, each class will have a story spine of specifically chosen books which they will have the opportunity to read and respond to.

Throughout school children will have access to a variety of texts e.g. fiction, poetry and non-fiction.


As a result of our teaching of reading, children will read competently and with confidence in order to gain knowledge as well as develop a love of reading for pleasure. This will underpin their ability to access the whole curriculum and to produce quality work across the curriculum.


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